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Information on the requirements for orchestra membership.

Membership in the College-Youth Symphony is by audition.  Auditions are held three times a year: the end of January, mid-May, and early September.  Click on the link at right to download an audition form, which includes contact information.

Audition Requirements:
High school students auditioning must be in grades 9 through 12 at the time of the January audition, or entering at least the 9th grade the following fall.  College students may earn college credit for participation in the CYS.  CYS high school members must also be taking private instrumental lessons and/or participate in a regularly-scheduled school instrument ensemble.

Membership fees for non-credit students are as follows:

  • $190.00 - full year

  • $100.00 - semester

Financial aid is available.  Click on the link at right to download a financial aid form.

What is the audition like?
Students will play for the CYS Music Director.  They will be asked to play the following without accompaniment:

  • One well-prepared selection.

  • A sight-reading passage selected by the Music Director.

What is the criteria for acceptance into the CYS?
The Music Director will look for the following elements in determining orchestra placements:

  • Musicality
  • Technical facility
  • Rhythmic stability
  • Sight reading skills

What if I audition and don't get in?
In any given semester, the number of openings varies.  If you are not accepted we encourage you to re-audition the following semester.

If I am accepted, do I have to re-audition each year?
Seating assignments are made each semester based on seating auditions, and some rotation occurs within sections.